I’ve been designing clothing my whole life, starting with altering my school uniform - even after many detentions! Then, as I got older, running home to tweak, cinch and alter most things I simply HAD to buy so they looked and felt just right. It’s a passion I carried after graduating Cornell  when I decided to attend FIT.

After FIT, I followed my passion yet again, took the leap, and started my own label Susan Lazar, designing womenswear.

7 years later, I ventured out into children’s wear with egg,  I always say that egg was created as a brand with a soul, not just a label that was sewn into the back of a garment. Egg is about love in families, our amazing potential as children – and it all starts with an egg, right?
My favorite pastime these days is hanging out with my 3 year old daughter Mikah. We live here in downtown NYC – close to the egg headquarters in Tribeca,and she and the city are my inspiration for design.