Celebrating Mothers...

Mothers Day is a day to celebrate the amazing women who do it all. They are the accountant, the chef, the maid, the gardener, the teacher, the enforcer, and they are the protector and safe haven.  I have plenty of moms in my life that inspire me, teach me, and make me want to be a better mom, friend, and wife.  The funny thing is that most of them I have never even met in real life...I only found them through social media. Through pictures, caption, comments, text, emails, you name it, I can now call them friends.  Their pictures show us little snippets of their everyday lives.  They share heartache, lessons learned, sadness, frustration, craft projects and funny stories.  The pictures are more than just pictures they are a common tie that links us all together.  They remind us that we are all on the same team and are here to support, encourage, and lift each other up.  I cant even count how many times I have learned something about motherhood from a single picture.  These are a few beautiful moms inside and out, who inspire many and remind us how truly blessed we are to have the title of mother!!

@_twosweetpeas_ Aubree Morrell- I'm Aubree, mother to Harper (2.5 years) and Emery (9 months), my husband, Kyle, is a wild land firefighter and we live in SoCal.  When I became a mom, I knew I was really doing what I was meant to do. It's challenging, entertaining and such an amazing thing to see these two little girls learn and grow.  As a family we love to spend time outdoors, at the beach or park or hiking. When it's just the girls and I at home we read a lot of books and play dollhouse and dress up constantly. As Emery is getting older the relationship between her and Harper is growing and I cannot wait to see them interact more and become best friends

@mrs_pounds Sara Pounds-Motherhood - A love like no other. No words can describe it. It feels like you've been struck by lightning. Like you've been knocked under by a tidal wave. Gasping for your breath. A love so deep that it's unbearable. Your heart has been placed outside of your body. No one told you how incredible that feeling would be. So incredible and so ridiculously magical.
Motherhood - Saying yes. Saying no. Laughing. Yelling. Crying. Dreaming. Wondering. Snotty noses and dirty dishes. Tangled hair and wrinkled dresses. Finding time to do it all. Realizing that you can't do it all. Embracing the noisy moments. Soaking in the quiet ones. Capturing memories.  Motherhood - It's confusing. It's mesmerizing. Its gut wrenching. Sometimes it's hell. Most times it's draining. But it's always beautiful. Every moment. Every second. Beautiful.

@calivintage Erin Hagstrom- I started calivintage.com in december of 2008 after i had been secretly photographing my outfits as a record of what i had worn each day. somewhere along the line, i discovered that there were communities of girls doing the exact same thing, sharing their outfit photos with one another on sites like wardrobe remix. so i mustered up the courage to start sharing my photos, hoping to connect with like-minded people who cared as much about getting dressed as me. i had no idea that anyone would see my blog, or that six years later, my little corner of the web would still be thriving. 

Erin is a California girl with a love for everything vintage. She is now a mom to 15 month old Adam and they live in the Redlands California. She fills her instagram with beautiful photos of her family, son, and fun styling and design inspiration. It is so amazing to see all of the effort she puts into little details like decorating her sons first birthday party and his nursery. She is truly an inspirational mom with tons of heart! 

@Jessica_Kesti -to me...motherhood is stretching your heart in ways you never thought possible.  Its how you love through the ups and downs, and all the challenges that life brings, and lastly motherhood means having to give up the last piece of cake and being okay with it.

@rachelmenard Rachel Menard Motherhood can mean so many different things to so many different people. To me its all about love, learning, and almost always giving up that last scoop of ice cream that I REALLY wanted. It’s about letting my boys be themselves, even if that means them wearing superhero costumes out to a restaurant. It’s about pushing me out of my comfort zone so they can experience new places and things. I have learned so much from them about love and showing grace. There have been so many times my temper has gotten the best of me, yet at the end of the day they still smother me in hugs. Being a mother is so rewarding for me because not only do I get to watch them grow, but I get to watch myself grow with them.

@betsypetersen Betsy Petersen-I'm a mother and an artist. On my team, I have a loving husband and two happy little ones, and I paint family portraits for families around the world as little reminders of who is on their team.
Anytime I lift something heavy, my two year old tells me, "You can do yit, mom!" I really feel like I can do anything when I hear his tiny voice tell me so. Being a mother helps me see life in a fresh perspective - everything is new, important, and curious. Raising two kids to the best of my ability is the most valuable addition I can give the world.

@blondeandbone- a quote about motherhood...'Even after all this time the sun never says to the earth you owe me. Look what happens with a love like that, it lights up the whole sky'

@johnnyandginger- Motherhood is quite ordinary. It’s yoga pants and dirty dishes and diaper explosions. Motherhood is meal planning and mountains of laundry and a soaking wet floor during bath time. It’s being on duty every second of every day, never sleeping soundly ever again and being kicked in the stomach, by tiny feet, all night long. It’s cuddling a feverish toddler instead of mopping the floors. Motherhood is first steps and first dates and first jobs. Motherhood is exhausting and overwhelming and magnificent.  Motherhood is a woman working two jobs and going to college online so she can take care of her little ones. It’s tears cried for the lives of babies lost or never held. It’s heartbreak in the doctor’s office when fertility treatments fail again. Motherhood is a mama flying across the globe to hold her three year old baby for the very first time. It’s a second grade teacher bringing snacks for her students who she knows didn’t have breakfast at home. It’s an auntie playing pirates because they asked so nice, how could she resist?  Motherhood is faithful. Motherhood is brave and courageous and strong. Motherhood is compassionate and gentle and home. Motherhood is a daily battle for patience and grace and joy. Motherhood is love. Every woman is writing a story, and in each story motherhood will look different. But whether a woman has twelve kids or zero kids isn’t the point. The point is that every woman was created to give life. Maybe for a moment. Maybe for a lifetime. Maybe through being a stay at home mom. Maybe through a smile offered to a stranger. Because the simple truth is this.Motherhood is the quiet place in a woman’s heart whispering that her love will change the world. 

@mamawatter Amanda Watters-slow down.  put away distractions.  make a cup of morning tea and sip it while sitting.  watch your babies prance on the couch.  put a couple drops of lavender oil in their bath and make them giggle.  have a day where you only let him wear diapers and sun hats.  take lunch to the library or park.  watch them smile.  feel yourself smile back.  hold them close when they ask for snuggles.  hold them closer when they don't.  teach them how to read by flipping the pages one by one.  sit back, and watch them try.  get carry out for supper.  show them how to really eat chips and salsa.  hoist them up on your hips and belly and back, they are only so little for so long.  let her put your make up on.  let her wear your heels.  take time to show them little things like peeling a carrot or folding a towel.  let them run barefoot everywhere and wear snow boots on sunny days.  if she sees a puddle, tell her to go for it, laundry takes all but a minute.  slow down.  savor life.  hold onto these moments tightly.

@dearestdaughters Jessica Romero- Motherhood means feeling the most uncomplicated and purest of loves. The messy house, the silly moments, even the hardest of days of parenting, I'll take them all to know motherhood. I am the protector of their childhood, their confidant, and their place for comfort. We found our rhythm together and I will spend all of my days knowing there is no place I'd rather be.

Contributor: Katie Stauffer @kcstauffer 

Katie is an amazing mom to five littles. She takes gorgeous photos, has amazing taste, and is brilliant when it comes to social media. We are proud to have her on our Egg team! Check out her blog for awesome photography and motherhood advice at overourwall.com