Southern Summer

Turning lunch into a picnic guarantees the food will taste better, the kids will be nicer, and the sun will shine longer. Here is everything needed for your classy little ones to enjoy the summer in style. 

For the mini man:

Seersucker suit by Egg by Susan Lazar

Mirror sunnies by Sons + Daughters

Mini loafers by Love Mummahh

For the little lady:

Pineapple dress by Egg by Susan Lazar

Safari booties by Donsje

Picnic supplies:

Picnic/play mat by Let's Playground

Reusable pouches by ReSqueeze

Contributor: Betsy Petersen @betsypetersen 

Betsy is an illustrator mama from Houston, Texas. We asked her to describe and illustrate her idea of the perfect Summer activity to spend time with her kids. She has a baby girl and little boy and an amazing instagram feed which you can follow here. You also can purchase her illustrations at Betsymadeshop here