The word PACHUTE means "simple" in my native language Hebrew.

"Simple" as in easy, but more then that…Pachute means pure, honest, clear and deep.

I named my boutiques Pachute because for me the word carries a message, and a reminder to myself, to aspire to a Pachute life everyday…Pachute relationships, pachute beauty, pachute joy, pachute faith. I hear so many women say they try to, "keep it real." For me its all about keeping it pachute.

From the moment I open my eyes each morning to when I pass out from exhaustion at night, I am non-stop, which I love. Certainly this life I have created for myself is at odds with my commitment to this idea of pachute. How can I be the wife and mother I want to be, the business owner, daughter, friend, sister, healthy eater, exerciser and learner that I want to be, especially all while living here in NYC, and keep it pachute?

Of course I don’t have the answer, though I am still happily pursuing it.

I feel that maybe the most pachute thing one can do is to simply do their best. Pure, honest effort to be myself, with clarity of purpose, and a deep appreciation for all the blessings of life.

Sharone Perry Komoroff
Owner/ Taste Maker
Pachute Fashion Stores
IG: @pachutenyc
FB: @pachutenyc