Get Creative With Our Seedling Activity Kits!

Need to find the perfect gift for a little one in your life?  Even though we love each and every item we sell at egg, we wanted to share some of our customer favorites with you!

The egg community is loving Seedling right now. Seedling kits keep little hands busy while fostering creativity and learning at the same time–such great DIY projects to do with your little ones.

Kids love all the fun they have with Seedling, and parents like it because it encourages creative thinking and interactive play. Play with emphasis on imagination and story telling is so important during these beginning years. A great way for kids to unplug from devices and let their imagination roam free!

We hope Seedling becomes a favorite of yours too!

Here are a few of our best sellers:

1.)  Design Your Own Superhero Cape (available for both boy and girl), where designing their very own cape is just the beginning of the adventure!  They start with sketching out ideas and decorating their capes any way they like. Each cape becomes uniquely theirs.

2.)  Design Your Own Tug Boat, where kids can paint and design their boat before they start their sea adventure. We love a building toy that you can use in your bathtub!

3.)  Another favorite is Design Your Own Bangles, where kids get to design and then wear their very own fashion accessories!