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 As a mom, I’m inspired by my children. They give me a special joy like nothing else can and motivate me to create for them. As an artist, designer and all around creative mommy, I love to use my talents to make their worlds a little better. More fun. More colorful. More beautiful. 

 Just like I’ve been doing for my clients around the world for years, now I get the opportunity to design for my family so it’s pretty special to me. For my daughter Elle’s nursery, I used one of my favorite mediums of the moment, watercolor, to create most of the prints on her gallery wall (see image). I framed a few of my designs along with other homemade artwork that her older sisters made because I love artwork with meaning. I also hand painted the swallow birds over her crib. It makes me happy that everything is personal but came together with a cohesive vibe. I love making special things for my children through my creativity. All the birds are black except for the one pink bird at the top. That bird symbolizes Elle. She's the leader of the flock flying to her own happy song. And as she grows up, and asks "Why am I the only pink bird, Mommy?" I can explain to her that it's OK to be different and unique in this world. To embrace what makes you you and only you. And that it's special to not be like everyone else. Encourage her to fly to her own song and make her own way in this big world and that mommy will always be here to catch her if she falls. To never give up and always go after her dreams! 

 As an entrepreneur, that's exactly what I've tried to do, too!  I've been following my dreams of telling my clients' stories through artwork for over 12 years now. Lately I’ve been inspired by the florals in nature and enjoy bringing these details into my work. I’m really into watercoloring them in a loose ombre way and I love the way the colored pigment pools together on the page. The painting looks so pretty in the liner of an envelope for either an invitation or personal stationery. Or, brought into the back of the invitation card. It’s fun to get creative with it. Like seeing how the prints look on fabrics and transfer into your every day style. For me, there are no limits to creativity - in my mom life or work life, it's all about pushing the envelope and exploring the possibilities that will surely beautify your world. 


To learn more about Ceci Johnson and her design work, follow her on Instagram (link off @cecinewyork) or visit www.cecinewyork.com